December 8, 2010

ePassporte финал

We have reviewed your documentation and verified your card information. Your card has been unblocked and is available for immediate use; please use your card as normal. As previously advised, the only limit change is the daily cash withdrawal limit, which is now $320.00. This cannot be modified. Additionally, all fees, including the $3.00 ATM fee remain unchanged.

Please note, as previously communicated, this Visa prepaid card program will be closed as of January 12th, 2011, so please use your funds prior to that time. If your funds are not used prior to that you will have to contact us again to arrange receipt of funds through an alternative method at additional costs.

ЗЫ. Побежал тестировать в банкомат...

ЗЫ2. $300 снялось со старым пином. Виртуальная карта тоже работает.

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  1. Вижу что Ваша карта прошла проверку. Поздравляю!


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